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Capitol Hill Pride

Capitol Hill Pride was officially its own non-profit in 2017 and is a volunteer organization that runs the Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally. Capitol Hill Pride's Directors, its supporting organizations and community are proud to have started the Capitol Hill Pride Festival in 2009 and work to create awareness and support of the LGBTQAI community.
Capitol Hill Pride is an all volunteer non-profit and welcomes volunteers and supporters of all backgrounds.

Developing Capitol Hill Pride Board
Charlette LeFevre - Board Director, Development and Entertainment Development
Philip Lipson - Board Member, Volunteer Coordination

Charlette LeFevre - is current Director of Capitol Hill Pride having established the Capitol Hill Pride Festival in 2009 as Vice President of the Capitol Hill Community Council.  Currently contributes to the Seattle PI Neighborhood Blog since 2009 and is current director of the Northwest Museum of Legend and Lore since 2004 conducting historical tours of Capitol Hill.
Combining science and events, Charlette shares a social justice interest in her activities and writings identifying with the Bi-community. Charlette has a BA in Research and Design from Wright State University.
Accomplishments: Establishing Capitol Hill's largest street festival. Saving four large trees on Capitol Hill's Broadway and helping establish the Seattle city ordinance that bans the display of human remains without the deceased's consent.

Philip Lipson - Librarian has a Master's degree in Library Science from Wayne State University in Detroit and has had experience in both public and academic libraries. Co-Director of the museum since 2004, Philip Lipson is part of the Bi-community. Philip Lipson along with his partner Charlette LeFevre have written a book on the Air Force's first military plane crash in Kelso and are referenced researchers in Pres. Obama's history in Seattle as a baby. Philip Lipson has worked for the IRS and has helped organized the budgets for many conferences.  In 1980 Philip ran for Sheriff of Wayne County, Michigan, Libertarian Party. Lucky for the library he lost. His slogan was "Behave Yourself", a motto he still lives by today - or so he says.

Interpride Logo Member since 2012

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Budget on file for 2010 festival with Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods.
Dept. of Neighborhoods

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