Photos and videos from past years

Video and Highlights from 2014
New this year - Seattle Pony Party! Pony rides on West Harrison 1-4pm

Eric Johnson of Seattle Pony Party shows off the ponies

Torgeny Vlamis wins the Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2014 Gift Basket!
Certificates and Gift Cards from:
Gold’s Gym, Under U4Men, Tatyana, Zip Car and Lexicon

Nasty Habits Transgender Band covers Nirvana's Teen Spirit
 as one of the highlights of the night.

One of the best talents in the Northwest. Indecent Liberty Christi Michelle and Mark Johnston perform "I've been Bad" and cover "Royals" with Bluesy notes and growls at the 2014 Capitol Hill Pride Festival.
An amazing singer, newly discovered Christi Michelle's powerful jazzy voice with an occassional growl is having listeners liken her to Adele.

Ayron Jones, considered one of the best guitarists in the Northwest at the main stage.
Greatness comes once in a blue moon and you will see this in Ayron Jones.
Seattle singer, songwriter, guitarist Ayron Jones (pronounced "A"-ron), describes his music as "Urban Rock" - blues with Hip-Hop, think Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Nirvana.
If you want to see a better video of his song "My Love Remains" or help Ayron Jones and the Way or kickstart their World Tour, visit:  Kickstarter Campaign
Ayron Jones, once opening up for B.B King, Ayron is described by Sir-Mix-a-Lot as "Easily the best talent in Seattle right now.” - Sir Mix-a-Lot If you can catch a performance, don't walk, RUN to see this Hard Blues Artist.
If you want to see a better video of his song "My Love Remains" or help Ayron Jones and the Way kickstart a World Tour, visit:  Kickstarter Campaign

Niccolo Chopper (Tin Man) Joshua Sibley braves the Seattle rain and belts out an original song from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz - A New Musical at the 2014 Capitol Hill Pride Festival main stage.
The new musical is set for a full theater performance at the Historical Everett Theater Oct. 31-Nov. 23, 2014. Get your tickets soon for what is sure to be a sold out showing!     I hope he doesn't rust!

Winner of the 2014 Capitol Hill Pride Festival Doggie Drag Costume Contest
Best in Show
Professor - a Pekingnese and owner Blake Lovel at Rex
Who has the largest smile? Congratulations!

The top five winners with judges and MC Gina of the Seattle Humane Society. More information below.

One of the winning contestants

Additional Photos from 2014

Rainbow City Band opened the festival while a small rider watches.

Samurai Bon Dancers sponsored by Samurai Noodles
perform a traditional Bon dance
at the main stage

Ayron Jones, considered one of the best guitarists in the Northwest at the main stage literally stopped traffic and attendees with his performance. 
Swords for Arrows
Swords for Arrows Band

Noah the Knight rides a Seattle Pony Party pony

The Nasty Habits 
The Nasty Habits have entertained bar, private event, and casino audiences for over 10 years. They return to the festival again this year with high energy rock, glam, new wave, and punk dance covers from the 80's and beyond. 

Dorothy Olivia Heale and Fritz asToto get ready to perform

Lion and Dorothy
The Cowardly Lion Matt Glazner meets Dorothy played by Olivia Heale

Indecent Liberty's Christi Michelle and Mark Johnston perform

Keith London, a former contestant on American Idol made an appearance

Julia's Stage always draws a crowd

Nasty Habits band packs the street with their 80s renditions and Nirvana's Teen Spirit.

Dames for Dreams

2013 Best in Show makes an
appearance with his winning mohawk

Nasty Habits transgender band

Small and Big at the diversity festival

Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

to benefit Seattle Humane Society Pet Project

Pet Project - Helping Clients with AIDS  
Pet Project, an offshoot of the Pet Food Bank, provides services to individuals disabled by AIDS. 
Pet Project matches volunteers one-on-one with clients, handling most of their pet care needs on a monthly basis, and enables clients to keep their pets while spending their limited resources on food and other living expenses for themselves. All services and supplies are donated or purchased with donated funds.
Individuals disabled by AIDS should contact Pet Project at (425) 649-7566 to be considered for Pet Project services.

Pet Project is funded in part with a grant from the Pride Foundation.

Judges for Capitol Hill Doggie Drag Costume Contest 2014

Gina Tzodikov, Doggie Drag Contest MC and Judge

Gina is the Community Outreach Coordinator at Seattle Humane Society. She oversees the Pet Food Bank, Pet Project, Visiting Pet Friends and Pet Loss Support Group. Her favorite companion animals are small Dachshunds aka wiener dogs and Siamese mix cats.

Jeffrey Hedgepeth, far left- Seattle Pride Foundation

Jocelyn Shope
Jocelyn Shope of the Seattle Humane Society MC's the Doggie Drag Costume Contest 2013
Doggie Line Up photo courtesy of Jennifer Durham
Contestants line up including the Wells Fargo Dog.
More photos coming soon!

Much thanks in 2912 to Hostess Rebecca Murray and MC Julie Forbes, Andrea Rouleau of
for the design and banner and Colin Miller and Judge Jeffrey Hedgepeth for the platform

Winner of the 2009
Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

Akasha - Pomeranian
owned by Christina Thomas.

Photo by Celine LeFevre
Winner of the 2010
Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

Congratulations! Photo by Jake Varga.

Winner of the 2011
Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

Brooklyn and Jersey 
Photo by Jake Varga.
Winner of the 2012
Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

   Paige aka 'Poodle Pride'
Owner Rebecca Roase
Winner of the 201
Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

Barita takes Best in Show for the 2013 Doggie Drag Costume Contest!
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Durham.

Videos of the Doggie Drag Costume Contests
Click on windows

View Rebecca Murray's Video of the 2011 and 2012 Doggie Drag Costume Contest!

  Barita Winner 2013 photo courtesy of Jennifer Durham
Judges for the 2011 and 2012 Doggie Drag Costume Contest
Jeff Hedgepeth of Seattle Pride Foundation, Julie Forbes of, Amy Castaneda of Seattle Humane Society, Tara Champion of Mudbay, Count Cody Tuwaletstiwa of Entertainment Design
Congressman Jim McDermott awarded the trophies.

Letter from the Organizers
Thank you all for a wonderful event in 2013!
Pride History has been made!
For the first time in Northwest Pride History the US Navy made an appearance in uniform!
NavySeattle Navy photo courtesy of Jennifer Durham|
Volunteer Robin watches as the Rainbow City Band plays
in front of the Navy making a
historical first appearance at the Capitol Hill Pride Festival.
Doggie Drag Contest winners with judges
Doggie Drag Contest winners with judges.
Best in Show for 2013 is Barita - the pink attired mohawk pooch in the middle. 
Judges Jeff Hedgepeth of the Seattle Pride Foundation, Joey Reiter of the Seattle Humane Society and Count Kody.
Thank you to Jocelyn Shope of the Seattle Humane Society for hosting and MCing!  More photos below!

"Same Love" singer Mary Lambert makes a surprise appearance!

Mary Lambert joins in on the Sing Along to her own song with Takeshia Seward.
 "Same Love" made number one in Australia and has become a strong song for the LGBT community

Mary Lambert shared her experiences and spoken word.  She encourages everyone to "Hold hands"!

2013 Festival Photos


DJ John Judge
DJ John Judge at the Main Stage
Performers at the La Cocina Santiago stage
Dennis Saxman
Dennis Saxman who was key in starting the Capitol Hill Pride Festival
checks out the main stage (performer Bryn King in background)
Wells Fargo coach
A couple enjoy the Wells Fargo Coach.
Wells Fargo was the official bank for the 2013 Capitol Hill Pride Festival
Even the birds were enjoying Pride
Volunteer David with Napoleon
Thanks to DJ Kenneth "Double "O" Soul" Hylbak
DJ Kenneth Hylbak
11-4pm DJ Kenneth Hylbak

Puddletown Squares
Puddletown Squares performs

Gift Basket
Kathleen Fitzgerald of Phoenix won the Capitol Hill Pride Festival Gift Basket

Click on Video above to watch.
Massive Monkees performs at the 2010 Capitol Hill Pride Festival demonstrating their Internationally award winning style.
One of their best street performances as the stage was too small, the group performed for the crowd on the street.