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Capitol Hill Pride

You're Invited!

Capitol Hill Pride March & Rally

Sat. June 29, 2019
10am - 10pm

March steps off at Noon
11am - 10th annual
Capitol Hill Pride Doggie Drag Costume Contest

North Plaza Seattle Central College Campus

A community promoted event celebrating diversity and community pride, remembering
Stonewall on its 50th Anniversary and local history.

You're Invited!

Speakers, Live Music and Artists

Home of the Capitol Hill Pride Doggie Drag Costume Contest
Open to everyone, LGBT, straight and anyone of any background.
non-profits, speakers and artists.
Member Interpride.

No businesses or animals are harmed in the making of this event!

Come take a bite of Seattle's Capitol Hill!
Activism at its finest!
Bite of Pride

Thank You Seattle Trading Musician!

Official AV gear of the 2018 and 2019 Capitol Hill Pride
The Trading Musician Is A Full-Line Music Store, Offering A Wide Variety Of New, Used,

& Vintage Musical Equipment. Open Seven Days A Week From 11 To 7.
5908 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

Thank You Castle Megastore!

As the ten year annual event has grown to become one of the Northwest’s largest Pride events and Capitol Hill’s largest, we are dedicated to creating awareness of the LGBTQAI community in what is recognized as a Constitutionally protected annual event for Pride weekend.
We also have confidence in the many supporting restaurants, businesses non-profits and artists in promoting the LGBTQAI cause whether it’s through their art, business or personal expression and support of the community.

Thank You for Participating!

Castle Megastore
Pat Murakami
Cody Blomberg
Crisis Connections
Rat City Roller Derby

Photos from Capitol Hill Pride March & Rally 2019

Thank you SPD for escorting us on the
Capitol Hill Pride March 2019 on the 50th Annivesary of Stonewall!
10th Annual Capitol Hill Pride Doggie Drag Costume Contest
Stella Bat Girl wins Best in Show!
Judges concurred it was the cookie dance, greeting other dogs and the subtle purple sparkle with her crime fighting bat wings that won the show.

First Runner up was Pat Murkami's neice Miko!
Gentle and a great host, Miko greeted visiting dogs.
Rat City Roller Derby,              Dennis Saxman - Capitol Hill Community Leader who helped start Capitol Hill Pride endorses Pat Murakami

More photos and video coming!....

Capitol Hill Pride March & Rally

Sat. June 29th
10am - 10pm

March steps off Noon-1pm

10:00 - Welcome

Directors of Capitol Hill Pride and Capitol Hill Pride Festival since 2009 -  Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Remembering Stonewall's 50th Anniversary

Philip Charlette
Philip Lipson, Leon Hendrix and Charlette LeFevre - Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2010.

Asukaa Jaxx - Intersex Justice Organization. LGBTQAI community Intersex Representative. A well known activist in the Capitol Hill community.

Asukaa Jaxx made history as the first Intersex candidate to run for Seattle City Council in early 2019 and has been an Intersex Representative for Capitol Hill Pride as well as an Advisory Board Member.
Active and aware, Asukaa is always highly visible wearing her rainbow hat and rainbow sequin armband in the community every day and not just on Pride week

We are resilient, that we can succeed in whatever we do no matter what the challenges are.“
Winner 2009

Winner 2013
11am- 12:00 -  10th annual Capitol Hill Doggie Drag Costume Contest
Bring your best to the tenth annual Doggie Drag Costume Contest!
Register with any donation at the Information desk by 11am

Winners 2018

March steps off at Noon - 1pm

Pat Murakami is running for City Council position District 3 which includes Capitol Hill.
To date, Murakami is the only City Council Candidate and City Council Member that has been involved with Capitol Hill Pride.
1:00 Pat for Seattle!
Meet your Seattle City Council Candidate Pat Murakami

Pat’s experience as a civic leader and business owner make her an ideal candidate for Seattle City Council District 3, a district she has lived in for over 40 years.

After attending the University of Washington, graduating with two degrees in Business Administration and Sociology, Pat Murakami decided to remain in Seattle and bought her first home in the Central Area. Pat also earned an MBA from the University of Puget Sound. For over 30 years she has owned and operated an IT firm which supports a wide array of industries across the region.

Pat is a dedicated community volunteer and has years of civic activism including:

  • Ten years as President of the South Seattle Crime Prevention Council
  • Five years as President of the Mount Baker Community Club
  • Two years as President of the Cleveland High School PTSA
  • Vice-Chair of the City Neighborhood Council
  • Member of the Federation of Community Councils.
In 2006 Pat founded and led an organization called Many Cultures, One Message, successfully blocking Mayor Nickels' attempt to declare all of Southeast Seattle blighted. This action would have given the City the power to force immigrant and modest- income property owners to sell at bargain prices, allowing the City to later "sell the properties to developers at a discount."

While serving on the Seattle Public Schools Closure Committee Pat fought to protect schools from closure in areas where population growth was expected, and to ensure equity for low-income students and minority students.

She will bring creative solutions to improve Seattle and tackle the tough challenges we face.

3-5pm Capitol Hill Karaoke!
MC Lola
Stop by the stage and sing along to your favorite songs!
5pm and 8pm - Lies in Dust

Lies In Dust in 2018

Lies in Dust – In 2014 Lies in Dust started spreading their dark interpretations of their favorite 80’s and 90’s songs all across Seattle. Chad Hultgren (guitar/ vocals/programming) and Lola Vast (vocals and founding member) have a diverse list of musical influences such as Patsy Cline, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Alice in Chains, Celldweller, Ministry, The Ramones, Nine Inch Nails, and Pink Floyd (just to name a few).

9pm - 10pm Capitol Hill Club

Thank you Artists and non-profits!

Photos from
Capitol Hill Pride Concert

held Sat. June 1, 2019

Capitol Hill Pride
Los Agaves
Castle Megastore
Downtown Emergency Services
NW Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse
Dawn Celeste Intuitive Readings

Noon Welcome Directors Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Remembering Stonewall on the 50th Anniversary

MC Asukaa Jaxx
Speakers: Jay Westwind Wolf Hollingsworth – Six year Commissioner of Seattle Community Police Commission on police accountability
Vightingale and her Harmonium Melodica
The Untold Story - a new musical which draws from L. Frank Baum’s original novels

Michael Cagle – Singer, Vegas stage performer and National Recording Artist 

Asukaa Jaxx
Philip Lipson
Jay Westwind Wolf Hollingsworth

Jay Westwind Wolf Hollingsworth has served on Seattle’s Community Police Commission for six years. Hollingsworth helped develop the Citizen Commission, the Office of Inspector General for Public Safety and also helped legislation to strengthen the Office of Police Accountability (OPA).
A Civil Engineering Designer Drafter in Seattle, Hollingsworth is a member of the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut.

Vightingale and her Harmonium Melodica!

Vightingale is a genderqueer, genre-bending siffleur (whistler) and multi-instrumentalist. She is known around Pike Place Market for her unique instrumentation, including harmonium, melodica, kazoo, trombone, and toy piano, mixed with shakers, tambourines, and bells she wears around her ankles to keep the beat. She loves to choose diverse music to cover, including Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Tim McGraw, and more. She has her MFA in Fine Art and Sculpture from Pratt Institute and incorporates her mastery over the three-dimensional world into the way she visualizes music. This performance is a big step for her, from performing for friends at parties, to her own wedding, to busking in public, to performing on stage for you!

Madeline Rush as Dorothy,
Brian Ditmore as the Cowardly Lion
William Vesch as Nick Chopper Tin Woodman
David Nguyen Le
as Scarecrow.
Kris Keppler as Locosta,
Carol Monaham as Malica
West Witch. Carol is Aunt Em. Dave Howell as the Prime Minister
Mark Toxel as Uncle Henry and the Guard of the Gates.
Ann Trigg
as Nimmee.
Cloud as Toto.
Music Director Phillip Peterson and Dave Howell.
Directing Dave Howell Music and lyrics Dave Howell. Arrangements plus additional music and lyrics by
Phillip and Mike Levie.
Clouds Handler is owner Liam J. Kaplan.
Costumes by Judith Marie Smith, Adrena Smith, Margaret Orgean-Kean.


Oz: The Untold Story

On June 1st, “Wizard of Oz” fans and Pride Festival attendees got a sneak peak at an ambitious new take on the classic tale. “Oz: The Untold Story” is a new musical which draws from L. Frank Baum’s original novels to reveal new depths to the characters that people all over the world have adored for over a century.

The creators have combined story lines pulled straight from Baum’s original texts with all-new material for characters like the Wizard and the Cowardly Lion to bring a rich history and depth to familiar faces.

While the full show includes encounters with the Kalidahs, the inhabitants of China Country, and the deadly Spider, the Seattle Pride sneak peek will focus on the most iconic characters: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, with guest appearances by the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the North.



8-9pm Michael Cagle

Seattle's sexiest voice!
National Recording Artist and Theater/Showroom Headliner for 11 Years in Las Vegas sings with powerful vocals and passionate interpretations.
Michael has received numerous requests to sing Queen songs this year.

A Strong Supporter of Equal Rights, Michael Cagle has sung at numerous Gay Pride events all over the country.

" A Powerful Vocalist who can hit notes so big and long, you could drive a truck on them.
" - Ed McMahon

"WOW! You have got some kind of voice on you."
- Country Diva Reba McEntire

"Patti LaBelle Meets Nathan Lane" - FOX TV

Michael has opened for or appeared with: Reba McEntire, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Eddie Rabbit, The Drifters, Trisha Yearwood, Ricky Skaggs, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Diamond Rio, The Kingsmen, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sheena Easton and many more.

Come see why Michael Cagle is being called Seattle's sexiest voice!

Wisdom Words and 4 year old Ari

Sophie? singing Valerie
Thank you to all the volunteers and Karaoke Singers!


Want to Table at the March & Rally on June 29th,
advertise in the Capitol Hill Pride website or Guide or
Participate or Volunteer?

for a vendor application
or contact us whether your an artist, non-profit or business supporter.
Space is available but limited so please e-mail:
Be a part of the community event listing whether its to participate in the march or to speak, to provide table information outreach, service exchange or to volunteer.

We invite you to hang your Pride flag and post the Capitol Hill Pride unicorn logo on your organization’s door and website as a show of support.

Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters!
 BBOA, Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore

Thank You for Standing Strong!

LGBTQAI non-profits, Capitol Hill Businesses, BBOA - Broadway Business Owners Association,  Volunteers, and Supporters will present the tenth annual Capitol Hill Pride event

Member of Interpride

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MORE Photos from Past Years 2014...

Stonewall, Never Forget

Stonewall Riots, June 28, 1969

 Photo from The New York Daily News, Sunday, June 29, 1969

The Stonewall riots were a historical turning point in LGBT rights. Often compared to the civil rights turning point of Rosa Parks, the riots took place on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn in New York City when gays and youth stood up against harassing police raids and arrests for being gay which were common at the time.

Legend has it that the raid was started by a simple penny being thrown at a police officer.

Today, Pride marches and parades are held around the world at the end of June commemorating the anniversary of the riots. Communities such as Capitol Hill in Seattle have become neighborhoods where bars, restaurants and businesses have become safe places for gays and lesbians to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested or harassed.

In modern times ongoing inequality, basic human rights and international persecution underlines the need for persons and businesses to demonstrate their support for the LGBT community and today what has become known as Pride.

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around the world!

Safety Announcement
Following protective Measures Guide for the U.S. Outdoor Venues, the organizers of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival will be coordinating
communicating, operating, training and establishing a detailed safety plan for its event.
We ask business owners and attendees to watch for strong suspicious activity and to help protect your community festival.
Unauthorized sales and soliciting will not be allowed inside festival area.

Information, Announcement and Signage

“For your safety, please do not bring in backpacks and large bags.  If you see something, say something”

Any strong suspicious activity observed or perceived should be reported immediately to 9-1-1 and then the directors.
Issues or concerns should be immediate relayed to:
Event Directors:
Charlette 206-523-6348, Philip Lipson 206-465-9601

We want to assure that every step is taken to assure the safety of businesses and attendees during one
of  Capitol Hill's largest events so we can celebrate this social justice equality festival

Contact Information:




Interpride Logo Member since 2012

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MORE Photos from Past Years 2014...

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Budget on file for 2010 festival with Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods.
Dept. of Neighborhoods

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