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The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore - Organizers and Fiscal Agent of the Festival March & Rally
along with Broadway Businesses, Julia's Block Party, La Cocina Santiago, Wells Fargo, AT&T, Rainbow Women's Health Fair, LGBT organizations Sponsors and Supporters
presented the eighth annual 
Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally 2016
Stonewall, Never Forget
The largest Pride Street Festival in the Northwest! Join us again on

Sat. June 25, 2016 -
and Sun. June 26, 2016 - 10am-7pm

Theme for 2016: Wizard of Oz - Because there is no place like Home!  Get your Wicked On!
Get ready for two days of fun!

Six blocks on Broadway of food, vendors and entertainment

Offical Bank Sponsor of the 2016 Capitol Hill Pride Festival

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         Wells Fargo Ad 2016

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Booths and Ad Applications Available for
Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally 2016!
Sat. & Sun. June 25-26, 2016

Booth space is expected to sell out early for 2016 so
Reserve soon for space availability
No longer taking food vendors

Click HERE for 2016 PDF Form of Booth and Ad Application
for Sponsorship Information and Levels

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Annual Features:
The annual Capitol Hill Pride Festival Doggie Drag Costume Contest to benefit the Seattle Humane Society's Pet Project
The Rainbow Women's Health Fair
Julia's Restaurant and LaCocina Entertainment Stages
Pony Rides - Professional rides by Seattle Pony Party planned on the West side street of Harrison and Broadway with four live ponies and two horses.

Schedule 2016
(subject to change)

10-11am Capitol Hill Pride Festival March, Rainbow City Band March from Seattle Central Campus to Main Stage on Harrison. “Never Forget” 1969 Stonewall with speakers and history. 
The Capitol Hill Pride Festival March will be an all ages, all orientations, all gender/transgender civic march with no fees open to the public.
The march has no fees as the Directors of the festival feel an individual should not have to pay a fee to march, demonstrate or show civic and community pride.
Seattle has not had an all gender inclusive LGBT march for 37 years since the Parade split from marches and started charging fees thereby shutting out individuals and low budget organizations.
Marchers are encouraged to bring hand written signs.

Participants: Seven the Appoloosa, Trent Davis MC, Laura Ingles Wilder representing Intersex gender, Dan Kemmis
11am Opening, Rainbow City Band, Trent Davis MC Rainbow City Band , Trent Davis MC


Seven and TrentTrent Davis and Seven


Capitol Hill Doggie Drag Costume Contest
 Capitol Hill Doggie Drag Costume Contest
The Seattle Westminster of Pride!
Sign your dog up before Noon
at Seattle Humane Society booth near the Main Stage - corner of Broadway and Harrison

$5 sugg. donation per dog
to benefit Seattle Humane Society Pet Project
Main Stage on Harrison
Five Best in Category and of the five, one Best in Show Winner
will be chosen announced right after the judging!
Safely and responsibly dress your dog!

Pet Project - Helping Clients with AIDS  
Pet Project, an offshoot of the Pet Food Bank, provides services to individuals disabled.
Pet Project matches volunteers one-on-one with clients, handling most of their pet care needs on a monthly basis, and enables clients to keep their pets while spending their limited resources on food and other living expenses for themselves. All services and supplies are donated or purchased with donated funds.
Individuals disabled by AIDS should contact Pet Project at (425) 649-7566 to be considered for Pet Project services.

2:30-3pm Michael Jackson Tribute Show, Maurice “MoJ.” Crallie

Maurice Crallie

Maurice will pay tribute to Michael Jackson with over 27 years of experience in freestyle dancing and singing.  Maurice has the uncanny ability to mimic Michael Jackson by weigh of appearance, song and dance and considers the stage his second home.
Maurice has played Muckleshoot Casino, St. Louis, Tribute Concerts in Ghana, Africa 2010,  Local Bars, clubs, and private occasions since 2009.

6-7:30pm Wizard of Oz A New

Oz a New

Oz a New

Page2Stage Entertainment are proud to present a two day preview of a new musical Operetta, slated for Broadway NYC 2017. 

We have the pleasure to witness all of Act One of our new operetta.  Directed and produced by NYC Festival Award winner, Mike G. 

Kyla Roberts as Dorothy Gale,  
Stephanie Graham as Emily Blue and Locusta the good witch of the North 
Theadeus, is playing the evil Witches agora witch of the West, Gingema the witch of the East, see the old friends and meet some new ones!

Dyke March Logo
7:30-8pm Make way for the Dyke March! 
The Dave O’ Show

Dave Ostronic
8:00-9pm The Dave O’ Show

The Dave O’ Show front man Dave Ostronic (O-straw-nick) is “Keepin’ Cool Alive” with Song and Dance. Dave presents a lively show of Jazz Standards, Pop Covers and Original Music  while providing Live Swing and Ballroom Dancing during his performances. 

Dave hails from Omaha, Nebraska and Fort Worth, Texas where he began his song and dance career. Ostronic studied recordings of popular singers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Mel Torme while supplementing his technical training with private vocal lessons. He trained professionally at Arthur Murray Fort Worth where he learned over 20 dances within his first 6 months as a student. Always moving forward, Ostronic took the leap from Texas to Seattle, Washington in hopes of further developing his musical and dance talents. Here he has inserted himself in the local Jazz scene and continued to develop his rich singing voice by leveraging local Jazz Musicians such as Eric Verlinde, Hans Brehmer, Gretta Matassa and Andrew Shaw.

His passion for the style and class of yesteryear are apparent in his delivery, demeanor and style.
Come Out and Enjoy an Energy filled performance from this Young Crooner and His wonderful Band.

Holy Pistola

Holy Pistola

"Holy Pistola is an eight piece band out of Seattle on a mission to move crowds whenever and wherever they play. Drawing inspiration from the diverse musical backgrounds of all 11 members, they blend funk, hip hop and soul with live instrumentation and electronic elements to create a unique sound they like to call 'ElectroSoulHop'. 

Well known for their crowd pleasing, high energy live sets and original compositions. Holy Pistola has played The High Dive, Capitol Cider, The Sunset Tavern and other venues in and around the Seattle area and are poised to take things to the next level with the release of their first EP as well as a number of supporting music videos in the spring of 2016.

Songs: Holy Pistola plays their originals but cover "Ready Or Not" by The Fugees "Rappers Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang.

Nasty Habits Group
They are the girls your mother warned you about...and they are definitely not your average girls.  Playing 80's, 90's, punk, glam, and pop covers with edge and energy.
10-11pm  Nasty Habits
The Nasty Habits is a mostly 80's dance band covering genres ranging from synthpop to punk. 

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Photos from 2015

..Crowd South
Crowd mid-day looking North from the Main Stage on Harrison and South towards John St.

Steppenwolf Revisited performs "Born to be Wild"


Revisit Steppenwolf performs Star Spangled Banner at the 2015 Capitol Hill Pride Festival March and Rally,
The guitarist Glen Bui does his own take on Jimi Hendrix's version and was a fitting tribute to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court on marriage equality and the freedom to marry whomever you want in this great nation. Happy Fourth of July!

Seattle Pony Party greets visitors

Getting the stage ready with MC Trent
MC Trent opening the Main Stage
Doggie Drag Costume Judges
DonnaTella Howe, Godiva DeVyne from Portland, Deja Nouveau and Kara Sutra

Winner of the 2015 Doggie Drag Costume Contest as Lady GaGa Pico and  Amin.
Pico was a rescue dog and competed in 2014 as "Single Lady" Beyonce.
The contest benefits the Seattle Humane Society Pet Project.

A contestant poses on stage with the Judges and MC Trent

Several of the judges review the dogs.

Wells Fargo "Jack the Dog" and contestants

Nikkita Oliver of Ringside Slam talks about Stonewall

The Seattle Dyke March marches strong this year

Imfamous performs Hip Hop 

Director Philip Lipson and the Seattle Emerald Wizard

Enchanted Dancer - Capitol Hill's first pole dance studio

Enchanted Dancer

Isaac Myer's Makeup Eyes
Isaac Myer's Makup

Isaac Myer's Makeup Eyes

Isaac Myer's Makeup
Isaac Myers Makeup
Isaac Myer's Makeup Team
Enchant Dancer Trooper
Enchanted dancers enchants everyone

Contestant in the Doggie Drag Costume Contest gives good face
Einstein Bagel Crew
Einstein Bagle Crew
Two Contestants
Two contestants in the Doggie Drag Costume Contest
Julia's Stage 2015
Crowd around Julia's Stage which showcases the top drag queens in the NW
Ringside Ringside Slam

MORE Photos from Past Years 2014...

Stonewall, Never Forget

Stonewall Riots, June 28, 1969

 Photo from The New York Daily News, Sunday, June 29, 1969

The Stonewall riots were a historical turning point in LGBT rights. Often compared to the civil rights turning point of Rosa Parks, the riots took place on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn in New York City when gays and youth stood up against harassing police raids and arrests for being gay which were common at the time.

Legend has it that the raid was started by a simple penny being thrown at a police officer.

Today, Pride marches and parades are held around the world at the end of June commemorating the anniversary of the riots. Communities such as Capitol Hill in Seattle have become neighborhoods where bars, restaurants and businesses have become safe places for gays and lesbians to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested or harassed.

In modern times ongoing inequality, basic human rights and international persecution underlines the need for persons and businesses to demonstrate their support for the LGBT community and today what has become known as Pride.

2015 Capitol Hill Pride Festival Brought to you by Sponsors and Supporters:

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A community festival march and rally celebrating diversity and community pride, remembering Stonewall and local history.
The festival is open to everyone, LGBT, straight and anyone of any background.
Live local Music, Food and Entertainment with over 150 booths of restaurants
non-profits, businesses and artists.
Member Interpride.

Come take a bite of Seattle's Capitol Hill!
Activism at its finest!
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around the world!

Final Map 2015


Come march with Seven, a rescued Appoloosa at the Capitol Hill Pride Festival March!
10am Sat. June 28, 2015 starting at
Seattle Central College Campus

Seven and Trent  Seven Trent Together  
MC Trent Davis and Appolosa "Seven" prepare for the Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally
Eric Trent Seven Stephanie
Eric Johnson of Seattle Pony Parties, Trent Davis, Seven and Owner Stephanie get ready for the march at Seattle Central

Seven's Inspiring Story
by Stephanie Castner

About a month ago we ventured to the feed lot to take a look at the remaining group of horses waiting to be shipped to Mexico.  Standing in the corner of the pen was a horse with the number 708 glued to his tail. When we went to meet him he was scared and angry towards people, especially towards men.  He had a number of issues including cracked and bruised feet, a matted coat and had not had a decent meal in quite some time.  He was perfect. The poor guy wanted so badly to trust people but had clearly not met a decent one in awhile. We brought him home to five grassy acres, a dry stall and all the food he could eat and immediately he turned around.  He looks forward to meeting people, plays in the pasture with our other horses, and has gained an incredible amount of weight in just the short time we have had him. We have since named him Lucky Number Seven and he has been such an imcredible example of the importance of giving animals a second chance. He loves taking kids for rides around the barn but especially loves trail riding and exploring new places.  I feel so lucky to be his human for the rest of his life as there are many more adventures ahead of us!


Capitol Hill Pride Festival Directors state Pride Weekend is for the LGBT community and NOT for Police Picnics.

June 1, 2015

Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally Directors are stating that it is highly inappropriate for the Seattle Police Foundation to schedule a picnic on the same day and time as the community Capitol Hill Pride Festival and a Stonewall March on Saturday June 27, 2015.  Currently a Police Picnic is scheduled for Cal Anderson Park on Saturday of Pride weekend Noon-3pm. Pride weekend has been historically scheduled for the LGBT community and not for public relations police picnics.

The Directors of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival feel this is analogous to scheduling a police picnic during an immigration march and is an affront to the memory of Stonewall given Stonewall was when the LGBT community in 1969 stood up against police harassment. Current Pride marches, festivals and parades are scheduled on or near June 28th to commemorate the Stonewall Riots.

While the police were well intentioned and their idea may have been to engage community, the Directors point out it appears this event was poorly thought out and the police would better serve the community by actual police service and providing information through their LGBT Commission rather than dividing resources and undermining community efforts with their own public relations event.
Scheduling a Police Picnic in the middle of Capitol Hill’s busiest weekend Directors feel is essentially co – opting LGBT efforts. Attendance is not an issue as last year the Aug. 30 police picnic reportedly had low attendance.

The Directors take issue with the Seattle Police Foundation if the event was to cull attendance from the nearly popular Capitol Hill Pride Festival which according to SPD drew an attendance of 25,000 in 2014 along five blocks of the Broadway business district.  

Directors have stressed the last two years at city permit meetings to the East Precinct police that they are concerned about dividing police resources given the numerous Pride events on Capitol Hill.  Capitol Hill currently has eleven or more events in various locations during Pride weekend. It is believed a picnic would further stretch the limited police resources that weekend which would place the community at risk in the event of an incident or emergency.

“There are many good police officers in Seattle but if the Seattle Police were indeed genuine in their attempts to communicate and protect the LGBT community, they are certainly doing a poor job”.  I would give them a grade of D- right now.” – Charlette LeFevre, Director Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally

Directors spent two months scheduling a safety review meeting with Capt. Paul McDonagh of the East Precinct and finally met Monday June 1st but left disappointed.

The newly returning Precinct Commander Capt. Paul McDonagh admitted he had not attended the Capitol Hill Pride Festival which is in its seventh year and did not review the safety plan despite his stated background in safety management and Homeland Security. The safety plan was deferred again to a Community Outreach officer Casey Sundin.

The Directors feel the police should put community safety over a precinct picnic and that would indeed be furthering community confidence.

Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Directors, Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally
Capitol Hill Community Council VP 2008-2009
NW Museum of Legends and Lore


New India Express at 510 Broadway East on Capitol Hill  is conducting a fundraiser for Nepal. Stop by and support your International Community!

Visually Speaking is offering an ASL - American Sign Language zone at their booth.

Well's Fargo Jack and Adrian at the 2014 Festival

Thank you Supporters of Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2014!

Volunteers Needed for 2016!
Email capitolhillfestival@gmail.com with VOLUNTEER in the Subject line

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New  - from Seattle Pony Party!
Pony rides on West Harrison 1-4pm
Attention all kids, parents, unicorns and My Pony fans!
$5 ride

Pony Unicorn

Pony Mom..PonyGrp

More information at:


Rainbow Health Fair
Rainbow Health Fair

Volunteers Needed for 2016!
Email capitolhillfestival@gmail.com with VOLUNTEER in the Subject line

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Booths and Ad Applications Available for
Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally 2016!
Sat. & Sun. June 25-26, 2016

Booth space is expected to sell out early for 2016 so
Reserve soon for space availability
No longer taking non-local food vendors

Click HERE for 2016 PDF Form of Booth and Ad Application
for Sponsorship Information and Levels

Call Philip Lipson at:

10 x 10 Booth (Space only, Vendor is responsible for their tables/chairs/canopy)

To book booth spaces - e-mail information to: capitolhillfestival@gmail.com  
Questions? Call: Philip Lipson at 206-465-9601 or Charlette LeFevre 206-523-6348 

2015 Vendor Statistics
40 Broadway Business      12 Capitol Hill    52 Seattle    32 Non-profits   
Broadway Food    10 Non-local food    5 National business 
The Capitol Hill Pride Festival is proud to register more local businesses and
non-profits than any other Pride festival in the Northwest!  

2014 Vendor Statistics
43 Broadway Business      8 Capitol Hill    26 Seattle    35 Non-profits   
Broadway Food    4 Non-local food    6 National business 
The Capitol Hill Pride Festival is proud to register more local businesses and
non-profits than any other Pride festival in the Northwest!  

Visitor attendance in 2015 was estimated at 25,000
2014 was estimated by SPD at 25,000
throughout the day. 

Contact Information:
CHP Logo

Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally Organizers
Charlette LeFevre - Festival and Entertainment Development
Philip Lipson - Booth and Volunteer Coordination
The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore and its Directors are the fiscal agents and organizers of theCapitol Hill Pride Festival.
The museum as a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit
supporting humanities and has been scheduling events in Seattle since 1998 including events on Capitol Hill, Seattle Center and Volunteer Park.

Safety Announcement
Following protective Measures Guide for the U.S. Outdoor Venues, the organizers of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival will be coordinating
communicating, operating, training and establishing a detailed safety plan for this event.
We ask business owners and attendees to watch for strong suspicious activity and to help protect your community festival.
Unauthorized sales and soliciting will not be allowed inside festival area.

Information, Announcement and Signage

“For your safety, please do not bring in backpacks and large bags.  If you see something, say something”

Any strong suspicious activity observed or perceived should be reported immediately to 9-1-1 and then the directors.
Issues or concerns should be immediate relayed to:
Event Directors:
Charlette 206-523-6348, Philip Lipson 206-465-9061

We want to assure that every step is taken to assure the safety of businesses and attendees during one
of  Capitol Hill's largest events so we can celebrate this social justice equality festival

Festival Development and Media Inquiries contact:
Charlette LeFevre

Mary Lambert and Charlette LeFevre

Singer Mary Lambert and Festival Director Charlette LeFevre in 2013

Philip Lipson
Booth Coordinator

Who We Are in Supporting the Humanities

The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore is a 501(c) 3 educational non-profit supporting the humanities and established its first six years on Capitol Hill and is sponsored in part by the Raynier Foundation founded by museum supporter James W. Ray - a Capitol Hill Gay Philanthropist who supported the Humanities and created the Raynier Foundation and namesake of the James W. Ray Orion Center Youth Center for homeless youth.
The museum has scheduled events in the Northwest for the past fourteen years hosting many authors and lectures and cultural arts groups including conferences at Seattle Center and most recently the Seattle Faerie Festival. The museum still conducts the Capitol Hill Historical Ghost Tour with an extensive knowlege of the area and history highlighting the famous legends of Capitol Hill such as Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Henrix, Frances Farmer and historical figures such as Bertha Knight Landes- Seattle's first woman Mayor, Roy Olmstead and many others.
Now shifting to online, the museum remains active with the community and the Broadway Business Owners Association (BBOA) and has established the first Pride Asia at Hing Hay park in the International District. Occassionally, the museum can be seen on current Travel Channel shows such as "Mysteries at the Museum" and the Discovery Channel.

Festival History
Director Charlette LeFevre as elected Vice-President of the Capitol Hill Community Council in 2008 and Chair of the Arts and Events Committee ran on a platform of establishing LGBT events and organized the first Capitol Hill Pride Festival in 2009 as a two block festival. That year the museum became the fiscal agent and organizers for the festival as the Community Council lacked a business license and even though approved by a community vote opposed the start fearing parking meter fees. Despite obstacles, its first year, the festival drew 5,000 in attendance and in 2010 and 2011 the festival became a five block festival drawing an estimate of 30,000 throughout the day.  
The event has become the largest single day event for Capitol Hill and Seattle's and the Northwest's largest Pride Street festival.
The festival Directors are committed to keeping the festival a grass roots social justice community festival on Capitol Hill as a fiscally responsible agent and stewardship and showcasing new and emerging artist on the festival stages
as well as furthering the recognition of the Art of Drag as a cultural art form.
New for 2013:
The festival is the new site of the Rainbow Women's Health Fair in its 15th year and for the first time  the Navy and SPD will be boothing
as well as site of the ongoing Julia's Block Party and the LaCocina Stage.

Directors photo courtesy of Jennifer Durham
Directors, Philip Lipson and Charlette LeFevre 2013

Charlette LeFevre - is current Director of the Northwest Museum of Legend and Lore since 2004.
Combining science and events, Charlette shares a social justice interest in her activities and writings. Charlette has a BA in Research and Design from Wright State University.

Past positions: 2008 Capitol Hill Community Council VP and currently writes for the Seattle PI Capitol Hill Community Blog under Charlette Report.
Accomplishments: Saving four large trees on Capitol Hill's Broadway and helping establish the Seattle city ordianance that bans the display of
human remains without the deceased's consent.

Philip Lipson - Librarian has a Master's degree in Library Science from Wayne State University in Detroit and has had experience in both public and academic libraries. Co-Director of the museum since 2004, Philip Lipson is writing a book on the Air Force's first military plane crash in Kelso and is Booth Director for the Capitol Hill Pride Festival. Philip Lipson has worked for the IRS and has helped organized the budgets for many conferences.  In 1980 Philip ran for Sheriff of Wayne County, Michigan, Libertarian Party. Lucky for the library he lost. His slogan was "Behave Yourself", a motto he still lives by today - or so he says.

Pride Asia

Hing Hay Park, Chinatown/International District

Pride Asia  
Interpride Logo Member since 2012

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MORE Photos from Past Years 2014...

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Budget on file for 2010 festival with Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods.
Dept. of Neighborhoods

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